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Medication and Enteral Feeding Guidelines - 3rd Edition

Approved by Medicines Management Committee
September 2010
Review date
September 2012

Information on these web-pages is intended as a guide to administration of medication to patients with swallowing problems. Such administration is usually outside the product licence.

Drugs should only be put down a feeding tube as a last resort because of the implications for drug therapy and nutritional status.

This information must be used at the discretion of the clinician.

A full copy of the guidance can be opened by selecting this link

Link to the "Tube Feeding and Your Medicines" Patient Information Leaflet

Introduction (incl prescribing issues) See page 2-4 on main document
National Patient Safety Agency: Patient Safety Alert Reducing the Harm caused by Misplaced Nasogastric Feeding Tubes See page 5 on main document
Guidelines for Administering Medication to Patients via Enteral Feeding Tubes See page 5 on main document
Guidelines for Tube Maintenance See page 7 on main document
"Tube Feeding and Your Medicines" Patient Information Leaflet